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Bob Dylan sings the Tarot

Dylan Early Uses of Cards Born in small-town Minnesota, Dylan listened to the radio, especially blues, folk music, gospel and country western. This foundation left him with a life-long interest in spirituality, social justice, and what it means to be a wanderer, a Holy Fool. The tales in these classic American story-songs revolve around people living beyond the bounds of society – gamblers, drifters, the dispossessed. Dylan’s early works emulated these models closely, such as in ...

Madonna trifft Tarot

Wie es wohl wäre, in einer inszenierten Welt der Tarot-Karten zu leben? Von Karte zu Karte zu gehen, als laufe man durch Wald und Wiesen? Hier die Animationen, die während Madonnas "Re-Invention Tour" in riesiger Vergrößerung über die Bühne liefen.